Security Officers

Our officer provides highly trained off security enforcement officers to serve the needs of private, corporate and governmental clients. Our services include estate security, building security, bodyguards services, event security and much more.

Usa Amerika Guards and Investigations takes the time to process each individual officer to ensure that we choose only the best to represent our name and protect our clients. Many of them re former Law Enforcement officers or Military Veterans. Our guards are all state certified, licensed and insured. Ranger Guards are fully trained in defense tactics, anti-terrorism and customer service. All of our guards also maintain a professional appearance including clean pressed uniforms with identifying credentials, polished shoes, neatly groomed hair and facial hair.

24/7 monitoring. No matter where you are – on the road, on vacation or at work – if something goes wrong, knowing that your alarm system will link you to the proper authorities is not only reassuring, but adds value to your everyday life. And with the latest technology, most systems allow you to see what’s happening in your home from any mobile device – no matter your location.

Alarm systems have hidden monetary benefits that you might not be aware of. Your insurance company will look at an alarm system as an extra line of defense that decreases your risk of intrusion and fire; offering you a discount on your monthly payments. While the percentage varies depending on the providers and the sophistication of the system, many homeowners see their monthly insurance payments decrease by as much as 20%. Contact your insurance agent to find out more details. A good quality alarm system will also increase the value of your home. Families are willing to pay more for a home if they feel that they live in a secure place.

Security Officer Services

We Worry About Security So You Don’t Have To

You need professional security officers on-site to handle your security needs, and that’s what USA AMERIKA SECURITY provides. But there’s more. Our technology specialists and local management teams are also right there to respond quickly to your specific needs, and they have the support of our National Accounts team.

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