Your safety is our job and we protect your business.

The company provides security and guard services at the highest level and professionally, it is classified under category A among security guards companies whose activity is to provide security guards and supervisors, in addition to providing, installing and maintaining surveillance security cameras, acces control and alarm, at the highest level and security plans drawn up with international standards and quality, and the company does work qualification courses for guards by officers and military personal with extensive experience, providing protection and security for companies, individuals, homes, banks, shops, factories and events.

About us

Services about of security at a mall or apartment complex, mobile patrol services, loss prevention for retail or manufacturing facilities, or even security services at special events such as concerts or football games, we can do all this and much more. And of course, we offer our clients some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. After meeting with our clients, discussing their needs and concerns, and evaluating the property in which our officers will be stationed, we are able to provide a comprehensive pricing of our services. By treating our clients in this manner, we not only answer their questions and begin to build rapport and trust, but also give them peace of mind, knowing their security needs will be met in a professional manner at a fair price.

In today's world, it's important for facilities of all types to maintain high levels of security. Whether guarding against potential terrorists, disgruntled employees, robberies, or other incidents, having a well-trained security force on the premises can make all the difference. When businesses, apartment complexes, and other facilities in cities all over Texas and the surrounding area need security services they can count on 24/7 to keep everyone safe, they go to usa amerika security Guard Services.

Certified and Licensed

To make sure we give our clients the best possible levels of security service, all of our guards are certified, licensed, and insured to meet state qualifications. And because we realize the importance of hiring only the best and most qualified applicants, we go far beyond other security firms in our hiring and screening process. Relying on numerous aptitude tests, drug testing that is perhaps the strictest in our industry, background checks, and much more, our clients can be sure those who are in charge of maintaining their safety are the best guards in the industry.

Supervisory Personnel

To ensure our clients have the utmost levels of protection at their residence, event, or place of business, we also provide experienced and knowledgeable supervisory personnel to make sure all rules and regulations are followed and observed. With supervisors being on duty 365 days per year and having 24/7 availability, clients know any concerns that arise will be addressed in a prompt and professional manner. With customer service and safety being their top priority, our supervisors make regular spot checks to verify officers on duty are performing their duties in an efficient and effective manner. By giving our clients this reassurance, we are able to maintain our reputation within the private security industry as a firm that makes the safety and welfare of our clients our number one priority.

Professional Standards

Combining our excellent customer service with high levels of security responses, USA AMERIKA SECURITY LLC. always has the needs of our clients first and foremost in our minds. As a result, we are able to maintain professional standards that far surpass any other company in the industry. Rather than following the lead of many other security companies and hiring anyone who walks through their door and submits an application, we choose instead to have only guards who are well-trained, present a professional appearance and demeanor, and commit to protecting the property and people to which they are assigned. To accomplish this, we hire many U.S. Army veterans, letting them put their skills and discipline to work protecting their fellow citizens.

Insurance (security guards - security guards - security supervisors).

Security cars, equipped with funnels, warning tapes.

Surveillance cameras of high quality (monitored according to international monitoring systems).

Security services, security studies, security plans with international standards.

usa amerika security llc

Our company is specialized in providing protection and security services in the following areas

1- Protection of individuals.

2- Protection of corporate headquarters and field work sites.

3- Protection of public services and tourist facilities.

4- Protection of governmental and private banks and banks.

5- Protection of shops, warehouses and warehouses.

6- Protecting conferences, festivals, exhibitions and delegations' movements.

7- Protection of university and school buildings.

8- Protection of electric power stations, oil installations and water sources

Providing the following services

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